Pipelines? Do We Really Need Them?

For most, the answer is yes. For others, they are not so sure. Pipelines are a necessary and important piece of the Natural Gas Process. If pipelines are not constructed and functional Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids cannot be transported economically throughout the region and country. Power plants would not convert to natural gas and new power plants that use natural gas would not be built. Mineral Owners could not enjoy the revenues generated from their mineral assets.

However, there can be issues with having a pipeline constructed on a Surface Property. Some Surface Owners fear the pipelines will create environmental problems, Some Surface Owners are concerned that they will not get a high enough value for the Right of Way Agreement offered by the Pipeline Company. The truth is that pipelines can have problems such as leaking and can be an irritation to Surface Owners. However, these situations are not the norm. Most pipelines are built and in service for many years without us knowing they are there.

Surface Owners rights should be taken into account when deciding the routes of every pipeline and the level of compensation a Surface Owner will enjoy. Surface Owners can and should negotiate a Right of Way Agreement that is fair and one that reduces the frustration they experience by having the pipeline apart of their property for decades. Questions such as: How often are the pipelines replaced? What should I require the pipeline company to pay me for the Right of Way?

Negotiating fair market value and protections for your surface can be difficult but not impossible. Understanding the right questions to ask and issues to fight for is what Land & Mineral Management of Appalachia, LLC (LMMA) specializes in. I have the necessary knowledge and experience to assist Surface Owners in gaining the maximum value and protections for your surface.

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